YGS Eps18 – The One About TMNT | Your Geek Show

Our new episode of Your Geek Show is fantastic. Your Political GEEK Robert Baril is not only wise, he is a wealth of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles knowledge. Plus, we need a few good folks to join our Fantasy Football league. Listen in and join the team. With me, Jatin Setia, RobCallahan and Nikahothep Jones.



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Your GEEK Show Episode 14: Buffing Up On Buffy

Geek Show A

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer definitely need to tune in for this one. Career Specialist and Buffy Enthusiast, Denise Felder joins the crew as we look fondly back at Buffy the Vampire Slayer and what made the series so special. We also play a rousing game of “Shack-up, Screw or Stake.”


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Your Geek Show Eps 14: What’s Your Fantasy Football? | Your Geek Show


This week’s brand spanking new Your Geek Show. Our guest GEEK, Jodi Benson Rehlander, from the Minnesota Vixen Women’s Football, gives the drill on Fantasy Football. Ready, set, hike, with Miss Shannan, Nikahothep Jones, Jatin Setia and Rob Callahan


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Your Geek Show Eps. 12 – Bravestarr… BRAVESTARR!


The Geeks if Your Geek Show

The latest episode of Your Geek Show is out and awesome. Our guest GEEK, William Spottedbear joins us as we talk Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Then things get even better, when we go over some of our most favorite and least favorite diverse comic book characters.

Listen, laugh and geek out with Miss Shannan Paul, Rob Callahan, Jatin Setia, and Nikahothep Jones.


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Your Geek Show – Eps. 10 #GamerPride | Your Geek Show | Spreaker

This week on Your Geek Show we celebrate Pride, Marriage Equality and Video games thanks to a great geeky conversation on Gay video game characters. We’re helped out by our guest Geek, comedian Pat Susmilch.


Listen along here:

And find more info on Pat Susmilch on his website, www.patsusmilch.com



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Your Geek Show – Eps. 8 11 Wells Spirits

Geek Show FB PicRob, Shannan and Nikahotep join Lee Egbert from 11 Wells Spirits and drink a toast to Sir Christopher Lee, talk about the best Dr. Who companions and what goes into making the perfect drink.

Listen to the latest episode here.

Clink on this link to find more information on our Guest Geek of the Week, Lee Egbert and his distillery 11 Wells Spirits.

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Today my kiddo taught me: Sometimes the things that we want most, are just out of our reach.

Miss Shannan

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