We bought the good stuff this year.

I hope we get lots of “Trick or Treaters.” Otherwise this candy is going straight in the trash before it goes straight to my ass.

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Today the Mayhem Poets came by B96 to chat and they were awesome. They are Hip Hop artists and Slam Poetry performers who have been described as “The Simpsons meets Malcolm X at a Notorious B.I.G. concert.”

Before you jump to conclusions about going to a poetry show, let me assure you, they guys are amazing. No whack garbage about flowers and moonbeams here. These guys are funny thought-provoking and family friendly without being boring or dull.

The Mayhem Poets are in town performing at the Children’s Theatre Company in South Minneapolis and so far they have been getting rave reviews from everybody who has seen the show.

We talked about Music, Poetry and Hip Hop culture and the fellas really had an awesome vibe. You can hear the interview this Sunday morning on “B96 In Focus with Miss Shannan” or come back here Monday to find the audio.

Here’s a video of one of their songs performed by Black Skeptic. It’s called “Frankenstein Saves Hop Hop”

You have a few chances to still see them next week, through November 7th at the Children’s Theater Company. I think we might even try to take Dom to a matinee.  I have to try to fill his little brain with as much knowlege as I can.



Tonight’s my first real night emceeing at the new comedy club in town at the Mall of America.  I’ve performed at the House of Comedy a couple of times before in the Hit or Miss Showcases, but tonight is the real deal, darlings.  It’s always exciting to work a big room like this one and I’ll get to meet Erik Griffin, who is hilarious in his YouTube clips. Wish me luck. (Get all the Info on the HOUSE OF COMEDY here.)
Comedian Erik Griffin


My mother in law has been “gently” pushing us to make sure that the family has enough Vitamin D. So, yesterday I made a point of grabbing a bottle full of the drops and then squirting the “recommended dosage” down the throats of both my husband and toddler. (No surprise: My husband was much tougher to corral than the Toddler.)

Today, she upped the ante by sending me this article from Health Day News quoting a new study that says “6 Million U.S. Kids Lack Enough Vitamin D.” That means that almost 1 in 5 American children that aren’t getting enough Vitamin D. And it turns out that “recommended dosage” is also in question but all the experts say that Vitamin D definitely does a body good.

Summer sunlight is the major source of vitamin D for most people, but they caution against too much sun exposure, since it can cause sunburns and eventually skin cancer. Plus, for folks like us that live in places like Minnesota, sunlight becomes pretty scarce for much of the year. You can also get your Vitamin D  through your diet, but with a toddler, it seems hard for me to get him to eat the daily doses of anything. The experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics say give your kids Vitamin D supplements, and that what I’m going to do from now on. And the husband and I are staying on them too. When we got married we said, “till death do us part” and I plan for us to “put up” with each other for a long time.



I love this time of year. Not hot anymore, so I can wear all cute and much more figure flattering fall fashions. And not so cold that I begin to hate myself for moving to Minnesota. Watching th Fall colors with the family and hanging out up North is starting to make a little more sense. Before I just thought people were too lazy or too scared to go out of town.

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Our first “family” road trip. Who knew I married “that guy” who loves to pack up the fam and drive them to far away places unknown.

“Just to get away,” he says, picking some remote location that’s perfect based upon its innacccesibility to modern conveniences.

But also a place where Dom can do what he loves most, RUN. Run, run, run till his little legs can’t take anymore; and all he wants to do is climb into momma’s lap and snuggle in for a breather.  So, as long as there is running water, I suposse I can learn to love it too.

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Our kid was never really a pacifier guy. After 3 or 4 months he was ready to bypass the “binky” and went straight to holding a bottle with ease. So the news study publish that Prolonged Use of Pacifier Linked to Speech Problems made me fell a little better that we didn’t have to get him to break that particular habit.

According to researchers, “children who used a pacifier or sucked their fingers for more than three years were three times as likely as other kids to develop speech impediments.” The info isn’t set in concrete though, researchers noted, that the study doesn’t prove that there’s a direct cause-and-effect relationship between the use of pacifiers and bottles and speech impediments, just that the kids seemed more likely to have those problems. the . (See full article here)
Right now we’re trying to get Lil Dom start giving up the bottle. We noticed that he’s mostly just packing it around as extra un-needed luggage right now. So before we have to throw a “Bye-bye to the Bottle Party” when he’s 2-years old and make him give it up Cold Turkey, we’ve decided to give ourselves enough time to get him to give it up gradually.

Things are going pretty well so far and he doesn’t even seem to notice it’s missing during the day as he’s roaming around climbing on things and being Mr. Fearless. And at least now when he dives off something he isn’t compounding the problem by doing it with that silly bottle in his mouth.