My mother in law has been “gently” pushing us to make sure that the family has enough Vitamin D. So, yesterday I made a point of grabbing a bottle full of the drops and then squirting the “recommended dosage” down the throats of both my husband and toddler. (No surprise: My husband was much tougher to corral than the Toddler.)

Today, she upped the ante by sending me this article from Health Day News quoting a new study that says “6 Million U.S. Kids Lack Enough Vitamin D.” That means that almost 1 in 5 American children that aren’t getting enough Vitamin D. And it turns out that “recommended dosage” is also in question but all the experts say that Vitamin D definitely does a body good.

Summer sunlight is the major source of vitamin D for most people, but they caution against too much sun exposure, since it can cause sunburns and eventually skin cancer. Plus, for folks like us that live in places like Minnesota, sunlight becomes pretty scarce for much of the year. You can also get your Vitamin D  through your diet, but with a toddler, it seems hard for me to get him to eat the daily doses of anything. The experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics say give your kids Vitamin D supplements, and that what I’m going to do from now on. And the husband and I are staying on them too. When we got married we said, “till death do us part” and I plan for us to “put up” with each other for a long time.

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