Official “Black Friday” sales numbers don’t come out until Sunday, but estimates say that sales this year could reach over $600 Billion. I didn’t do much to help the economy so far this year because we only spent about $20 yesterday on a video game. 

After our brief excursion to the Eden Prairie Mall, I remembered why I skip the stores year after year. When we arrived, the fisrt thing we saw were two women sleeping in a car, presumably recouperating from there early morning shopping battle. Ridiculous. And inside whole families were sitting on the floors, clustered in exhausted huddled masses like some vintage documentary on Ellis Island immigrants. All this over 2 for 1 “Snuggies.”

I’ll pass. And more and more, I’m thinking online shopping is the way for me. I like people, and I like deals. But clearly, I must not like them enough.

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My good friend Tracey Ashley along with Leighann Lord, Retta and Alycia Cooper have banded together to form the Sheroes of Comedy, four fantastically funny female African American comedians coming to Acme Comedy Company Thanksgiving week.

Individually, these ladies have been doing stand up all over the US for years, but their recent combo tour has been knocking out crowds and busting down stereotypes. Not only are these ladies hilarious, they also bring intelligence and class to the stage: qualities that audiences seem to be surprised about.

As an African American Comedian myself I have run into many of the same barriers that these ladies have, and it was great to talk with them and see how they’ve worked together to overcome obstacles.

In our interview you’ll not only laugh you’ll learn how these ladies break down barriers. Just click to hear the Sheroes of Comedy and Miss Shannan.



Today was almost the perfect Mommy Dommie day. I planned to take my lil man on a whirlwind shopping excursion, in the hopes of getting the bulk of my shopping done early since l’ll be pretty busy next week helping out with B96 Stuck on the Truck.
Dom was a trooper during the whole thing and only ate the top, right-hand corner of my grocery list. Plus, they had an amazing deal on turkeys at Cub Foods. I decided to spend the money I saved on canned goods to donate to the Emergency Foodshelf Network.

I feel so blessed to be able to have such a great dinner for the family this year. It’s no secret how many families are strggling to keep food on the table. And I’m deciding whether I should put dried cranberries in the stuffing, lucky me. It wasn’t that long ago that my mom and I were making those visits to the foodshelf ourselves, so I appreciate all that God has done for us over the years.

So, if you decide to try this recipe, I hope that as you pick up the ingredients, you also donate a few non-perishable food items to your local foodshelf. If you’re able, please come by the Rainbow Foods Quarry location and give during our B96 Stuck on the Truck food drive, starting November 23rd. Every donation makes a difference.



Well it’s “So far, So good” on the new recipes. I talked to my mom this morning and the rest of the family is finding healthier versions of their Thanksgiving dishes, too. All aboard the healthy eating train. This year we should met the “weight requirements” and not take up 2 seats a piece
My Old Turkey recipes was delicious, but consisted of slathering the turkey with a TON of butter. I probably dropped at least two sticks in the pan and then basted the poor thing to death. Tasty, but in retrospect, terrifying.
Obviously, I wasn’t thinking about the consequences it would have on my fat, little family. Turkey is supposed to be one of the best, leanest proteins available and I was negating all the natural goodness with my stupid butter fixation.
I’m trying this one instead this year. This new version roasts the herb-rubbed turkey with apples and shallots, so I should still be able to get that great flavor, but it won’t be full of the pound packing fat. Also, the gravy will only have a fraction of the fat. Eat up Everyone

Apple-Shallot Roasted Turkey Recipe – ACE Healthy Recipes – American Council on Exercise



November is Prematurity Awareness Month. And today, it’s Prematurity Awareness Day, when everyone’s focused on premature birth and the families touched by it. People all over are working together to “Fight for Preemies.”
While I was pregnant I watch a lot of “Preggo Person TV” like “Babies: Special Delivery” and “Deliver Me” on the Discovery Health Network. My husband was worried that all these shows would make me paranoid or sad. But it actually had the opposite effect. Watching the talented medical professionals do all they could to save the babies was very calming for me. Thanks to all the pregnancy hormones, I cried a few mornings as I quietly waived “hi” to the tiny babies on my TV. I loved watching the magical medical staffs work so hard to make miracles happen for these families. And, I felt like if they could do it for the babies on the shows, they would be able to do it for me if anything were to go wrong.
Thankfully, nothing did go wrong. Dominic came gushing into the world without a hitch and since then, he hasn’t slowed down one bit. But, I fully recognize that it could just have easily been me wondering if my baby would ever make it out of the NICU. Or that I could have been crying sad tears instead of happy ones.
A major reason that shows like these are able to have so many happy endings is because of all the efforts the March of Dimes has funded over the years. In our country alone, more than half a million babies are born too soon each year, some very sick. Maybe you had a premature baby yourself. Or you may know someone who did. The March of Dimes has been instrumental over the years in improving the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.
Hear more about the the March of Dimes Minnesota chapter, from Danielle Prenevost, State Director of Communications here  (March of Dimes Interview with Miss Shannan)
 Click over to www.marchofdimes.com/fightforpreemies and create a virtual band in honor or memory of a baby in your life. Your gift funds research and programs that give premature babies a fighting chance. This November, do something special for a baby you love. Every baby deserves a healthy start.


As usual, Thanksgiving is at my house this year and I’ve decided to update ALL my recipes to include healthier twists on my old standards. I spent the last year losing 30 lbs and I’m not gonna waste all that work over the holidays. I still want to enjoy the day, but I also want to encourage my family to be healthy and happy. Witha little effort and research I’m plan to create feast that they’ll love but won’t pack on the pounds.

We’ll start with the cool Cornbread & Sausage Stuffing Recipe I found through the – ACE Healthy Recipes –  published by American Council on Exercise. It doesn’t have all the butter and cream, which cuts the fat by two-thirds. Plus, its much lower in sodium, than my old recipe. Gobble Gobble everybody.

Cornbread & Sausage Stuffing Recipe – ACE Healthy Recipes – American Council on Exercise