This weekend for Mommy Dommie time we went to the Minneapolis edition of Baby Loves Disco. It’s an interesting event where mommies and daddies can take their little ones to “the club” and watch them run around to the tunes of some funky disco classics. Plus you can swig all the juiceboxes and healthy snacks you want and grab some cool swag from the sponsors.

The $15 per person admission fee (and yes 1 year olds count as persons) is pretty steep.  I felt the need to consume A LOT of juice, cheesepuffs and bananas to feel like we got our $30 worth. And I’m not gonna lie, I did shove a couple Capri Suns in my purse on the way out, just for good measure.

Come on $15, that’s more than I pay for regular admission at “the club” and I know they don’t throw in the juiceboxes, but still…..

Dom and I had a good time, but I think that we would have had a good time anywhere. Plus we could have spent less money to do it.  If you don’t have a lot of options on places to take your kids and you’re feeling cooped up, I can see the appeal. I have girlfriends that adore Baby Loves Disco, so I don’t want to rip it apart too much. But next time, I’ll at least know what I’m getting into if my friends talk me into giving it another try.

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