November is Prematurity Awareness Month. And today, it’s Prematurity Awareness Day, when everyone’s focused on premature birth and the families touched by it. People all over are working together to “Fight for Preemies.”
While I was pregnant I watch a lot of “Preggo Person TV” like “Babies: Special Delivery” and “Deliver Me” on the Discovery Health Network. My husband was worried that all these shows would make me paranoid or sad. But it actually had the opposite effect. Watching the talented medical professionals do all they could to save the babies was very calming for me. Thanks to all the pregnancy hormones, I cried a few mornings as I quietly waived “hi” to the tiny babies on my TV. I loved watching the magical medical staffs work so hard to make miracles happen for these families. And, I felt like if they could do it for the babies on the shows, they would be able to do it for me if anything were to go wrong.
Thankfully, nothing did go wrong. Dominic came gushing into the world without a hitch and since then, he hasn’t slowed down one bit. But, I fully recognize that it could just have easily been me wondering if my baby would ever make it out of the NICU. Or that I could have been crying sad tears instead of happy ones.
A major reason that shows like these are able to have so many happy endings is because of all the efforts the March of Dimes has funded over the years. In our country alone, more than half a million babies are born too soon each year, some very sick. Maybe you had a premature baby yourself. Or you may know someone who did. The March of Dimes has been instrumental over the years in improving the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.
Hear more about the the March of Dimes Minnesota chapter, from Danielle Prenevost, State Director of Communications here  (March of Dimes Interview with Miss Shannan)
 Click over to www.marchofdimes.com/fightforpreemies and create a virtual band in honor or memory of a baby in your life. Your gift funds research and programs that give premature babies a fighting chance. This November, do something special for a baby you love. Every baby deserves a healthy start.

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