Well it’s “So far, So good” on the new recipes. I talked to my mom this morning and the rest of the family is finding healthier versions of their Thanksgiving dishes, too. All aboard the healthy eating train. This year we should met the “weight requirements” and not take up 2 seats a piece
My Old Turkey recipes was delicious, but consisted of slathering the turkey with a TON of butter. I probably dropped at least two sticks in the pan and then basted the poor thing to death. Tasty, but in retrospect, terrifying.
Obviously, I wasn’t thinking about the consequences it would have on my fat, little family. Turkey is supposed to be one of the best, leanest proteins available and I was negating all the natural goodness with my stupid butter fixation.
I’m trying this one instead this year. This new version roasts the herb-rubbed turkey with apples and shallots, so I should still be able to get that great flavor, but it won’t be full of the pound packing fat. Also, the gravy will only have a fraction of the fat. Eat up Everyone

Apple-Shallot Roasted Turkey Recipe – ACE Healthy Recipes – American Council on Exercise

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