Official “Black Friday” sales numbers don’t come out until Sunday, but estimates say that sales this year could reach over $600 Billion. I didn’t do much to help the economy so far this year because we only spent about $20 yesterday on a video game. 

After our brief excursion to the Eden Prairie Mall, I remembered why I skip the stores year after year. When we arrived, the fisrt thing we saw were two women sleeping in a car, presumably recouperating from there early morning shopping battle. Ridiculous. And inside whole families were sitting on the floors, clustered in exhausted huddled masses like some vintage documentary on Ellis Island immigrants. All this over 2 for 1 “Snuggies.”

I’ll pass. And more and more, I’m thinking online shopping is the way for me. I like people, and I like deals. But clearly, I must not like them enough.

— Sent from my Palm Prē

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