I’m sitting in the Dallas Airport wondering why God decided to send winter to Texas the week I’m here. Blah.

It’s bad enough that I’m away from home for the longest time since getting married and having Dom. Then this morning the last text I got from my best friend, who happens to live in Austin said “Dress Warm. Its stoopid cold here!!!” THREE exclamation points. You gotta be kidding me.

I was looking forward to a few things along with performing at Cap City Comedy Club. One was getting outside. I packed my running shoes and sweatshirts hoping to get in a few outdoor runs to make up for the 20 pounds of stuffing and Mac ‘N Cheese I ate over Thanksgiving. And I figured it would help keep my mind off missing the baby and hubby.

I know its just a week and I should stop whining, but let me just have one more moment: DAMN!!! Three more exclamation points.

Sigh. Everybody wish me luck tonight at Cap City. I hope the Texan aren’t scared of a little frost. 🙂

— Sent from my Palm Prē

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  1. Good luck!It is freakin cold in the ATX for the foreseeable future…..well cold for here anyway :)Carla/MizFit


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