I love that Dom is to the point that he can ask Mommy for kisses on the cheek.

All my friends with older kids have told me to appeciate every little thing like this while he is little. So you’ll just have to excuse me if I spend the rest of the night with a huge smile on my face. I’m determined to enjoy these moments while they last.

Sleepless nights and messy house, I still love being a mom.

— Sent from my Palm Prē

13 thoughts on “BIG KISS FOR MOMMY”

  1. All those sleepless nights are so worth it for moments like this! I still absolutely love when my son gives out hugs and kisses for no reason. So sweet!

  2. I love it too! Especially when my daughter comes up and randomly throws her arms open and asks, "Hug?" Or when she asks for butterfly kisses or forehead kisses. It makes you melt.

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