Our Christmas forecast for Minnesota includes snow. A lot of snow! My husband grew up in this part of the country, so he’s ecstatic. “How can you have Christmas without snow.” he says.

“Easy,” I say. See, I grew up in Phoenix, AZ, so we had many a “snowless Christmas.” Guess what? No one died. My recent trip to Texas reminded how much I really hate the snow. I love Christmas, but leave the snow for the “Whoville.”

When was growing up in AZ, I got used to brown grass covering the lawn instead of a winter wonderland. Brown grass is a lot better than Brown snow; trust me.

We could put up our Christmas lights without risking frostbite. On Christmas Day we could go outside and play football, not just watch it on TV. And the year I got a bike for Christmas, I could immediately ride it down the street not be tortured by it be parked until the Spring thaw.

My mom was great at devising stories about Santa. “We don’t need a chimney. Santa can open the door if he needs too.” And some way, each year Santa lock-picked his way in and left my presents. And his reindeer probably enjoyed the brown grass on our lawn.

Happy Holidays. May your Christmas be merry, even if it’s not white.

— Sent from my Palm Prē


  1. We hardly EVER get snow. I am near Memphis, TN.If we ever get snow it's usually in odd months like uhhhh March! Yes, we got snow the year before last in MARCH (a week before spring break) lolIt's kind of a good thing not to get snow around here. People don't know how to drive PLUS they run to the store and buy up all the bread and milk with just a mention of the white stuff! (CRA-ZY!)

  2. I'm in Minnesota too! But I grew up here and now can't imagine what life would be like without at least a little snow. I'll be honest though, I could use a little more mild winter! :)Oh, and stop by my blog if you get a chance. I have a dairy giveaway that only those in our area would really appreciate with a $25 Cub Foods GC, Kemps, Land 'O Lakes and Crystal Farms cheese free coupons! 4 winners! 🙂 http://www.babylovingmama.com

  3. Here in Eastern NC we hardly get any snow. I do like to have just one day of snow and then let it be gone till the next year. Snow all the time would get old quick.

  4. We live in MD and we just got hit with 21.5 inches of snow which is not the norm but it is going to be a white Christmas. I do not really need snow for Christmas but I associate cold with Christmas so it would be hard for me to live in TX, AZ or Fl since it is always warm.

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