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50 pounds!!! That’s what I gained during my pregnancy. As someone who was really into sports and fitness it was a disheartning, so after I had the baby I was determined to get back to my pre-baby weight. I gave myself a a year. I figured it took almost a year for me to gain the weight, so a year was a good goal to get it off.
But, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. As I started my weightloss project in earnest I realized I couldn’t do all the things I I’d before. Pre baby all my hobbies were sports related. I played footbal. I played soccer. I taught aerobics part time. Now I was a new mom with dayjob and a stand up comedy career to work on. When was I going to find time to go to the gym?

That’s when I began using home workout DVD’s. I tried a bunch and a lot of them sucked, but two in particular were my favorites. First I fell in love with Turbo Jam. The instructor Chalene Johnson became my video best friend while I jammed away those pounds. After I lost the majority of the weight my focused changed so my new DVD favorite is Kettleworx. So as I am proud to say they put me in the latest Kettleworx Informercial. I’ve posted that clip along with one of my comedy clips as a little “before and after.” [I’m about 30 seconds in :)]

After looking at both videos I’m glad that I’m still funny but a lot less fat.

My freinds over at Kettleworx are giving a starter set to give away to one of you lucky folks.

WANT TO WIN? Here’s How:

• Leave a comment on this post telling me tell why you could use the in home Kettleworx system and …
• Make sure you become a follower of Miss Shannan’s Blog.

Earn extra entries–please leave a comment for each:
• Tweet about this contest, be sure to include @missshannan in your tweet
• Blog about this contest. (leave a link in your comment)
This contest is open to US addresses only and the winner will be randomly chosen on Monday February 1st.

Good Luck Everyone. 


  1. Pretty sure we can all relate to that story! Thanks for sharing it. I prefer to work out at home as well so I don't have to spend more time away from the kiddo with driving, etc. Thanks for being such a great role model!

  2. I saw your stand up…love the cabinetry. My father was actually a very skilled cabinet maker and my mother's entire house was custom. Almost every piece of furniture. I guest you can say he LOVED her. lolOh, and I don't have a Kettle bell…I might be the last person to get one.

  3. Awesome job on loosing the pounds. Keep it up! I have to try the kettle bell, it actually looks a lot of fun as long as it doesn't slip out of my hands and knock something over. Ty for sharing.

  4. I subscribed to your Google feed. You look amazing, btw! I would love this because anything that I can do at home is a plus. I'm at a point where I need to start off slow, so 20 min is perfect!

  5. Awesome weight loss!I would love to win a KettleWorx Kettle ball because, with 3 kids an in home workout is the one that I need. And, your results are amazing!P.S. I'm following your blog. Lisa, if you come back, you can follow a blog by clicking on Follow at the very top left side of the page. 🙂

  6. You look fab & I love your comedy routine. I so love sarcasm:) I definitely could use this, I am not firm at all. My belly is especially flabby. Ewwww:( Pleasure meeting u thru #mamavation:)

  7. I could definitely use it! I have always wanted to try it and now that I have joined mamavation I really would love to have it!homesickforheaven2(at)yahoo(dot)com

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