I love The View. I’m not a big fan of Elizabeth, but with three really funny ladies like Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Sherri Sheppard, as a female Stand-up comedian, you know I gotta support my girls. And I think that Barbara Walters is the epitome of a great woman in media.

This week they had the most ridiculous guests. First I was floored by them having on the cast of Jersey Shore. I love the ladies on the View and it was interesting to see their interaction with the cast, but I still HATE all the Jersey folks, and will be so glad when their 15 minutes of fame are over.

Then today they had Ocotmom on the show, Nadya Suleman. She is crazy. But I kind of liked her in a crazy way. I hope the she and the kids do end up okay in the future. I was glad to see her on The View and the ladies really seemed fascinated by her lunacy. LOVED IT.

Right now you can enter The View sweepstakes that’s currently being run on the Mom Central website. One lucky winner will be randomly selected to receive a trip to New York City to watch a taping of The View! The contest is only open until February 28th, so hurry hurry hurry. Here’s the Link for the sweepstakes: http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22A5X7KF2CZ

I hope I win, becasue it would be awesome to see the ladies of The View live.  Good luck.

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As a long time Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan, of course I’ve dreamed of fighting Dragons and warding off alien invaders. In my head, I’m an awesome warrior princess, like Xena, but with cuter shoes. In Fantasyland, I’m an expert marksman, a master swordsman, and fluent in the Martial Arts. I’m one bad momma.

But in real life I’m having trouble overcoming my own inner struggles. How am I to defeat hordes of demons, if I can’t even defeat my inner demons long enough to train for a Marathon?
And it’s not even the full Marathon. It’s just a Half Marathon, part of the Team Ortho Minneapolis Marathon happening June 6th, 2010. When I registered for it last year, it seemed like a great idea. Something exercise related that I could train for in my own time, around my busy work and family schedule. It seemed like an accomplishment that I could be proud of. Something I could knock off my “Bucket List.” It seemed like a LONG time away.
It’s not. “104 days, until the Start!” Yesterday when I checked the website for the Minneapolis Marathon, that’s what I saw. And panic started to set in.
I thought by now, I’d like running more, but it’s still a drag. It’s been really hard for me to motivate myself to hit the treadmill. Last week was the first time, since signing up for the race, that I didn’t run at all. I thought about going. I PLANNED on going, but then when the time came, I never did it. I let the excuses stack up: I’ve been busy at work. Had lots of comedy shows. Needed to spend more time with my husband and toddler. I was tired. It’s been too cold. Blah. Blah Blah.
This week, I’m going to get myself back on track. I’m committing to logging at least 12 miles this week. Plus I’m going to continue my cross-training with my Kettleworx and weight training at least 2 days this week. I also asked some friends who run a lot more than I do for some tips on beating the treadmill boredom, so I’m going to try their suggestions and really work on my attitude about running. As additional motivation, I taped my Registration Confirmation card to my screen at work, to help keep training top of mind.
My diet has been a little carb heavy lately, so I’m switching it around to include more protein and upping my hydration goals to at least 80 ounces of water a day.
I’m sure Xena could run a marathon, so I’m determined to finish this race. I got to be in shape if I’m going to protect my kingdom, evil hordes have a lot of energy. If you hear the yell of a Warrior Princess coming from the treadmills, it’s probably me.
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Pamela Anderson caused a ruckus at New York Fashion Week earlier this week, when she showed up hours late to Richie Rich’s A*MUSE show which was all inspired by the Baywatch Babe.

The over capacity audience and reporters were furious after Pamela missed all the pre-show interviews, and delayed the shows start time by nearly an hour. But, she was able to win the crowd back with her bubbly performance and barely-there bejeweled stripper costume.

Pammy is rumored to compete on the upcoming season of “Dancing With the Stars.” Love the show, but I’ve fallen out of love with Pammy’s boobs.

Pammy’s boobs are like Charlie Chaplin’s mustache. Would we even recognize her if she didn’t shove her “ampleness” in our face? Maybe not? But here’s hoping she gives it a shot and puts them away long enough to actually do some dancing.

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Last weekend the Minnesota Zoo hosted their annual Tropical Beach Party. Its a brilliant event where they set up a giant indoor sandbox and let the kiddos dig away to their little heart’s content.  Dom had such a good time, I didn’t even mind the small beach that came home with him in his shoes. 🙂



Last night Sinbad performed at the Burnsville Performing Arts Center. My hubby looked handsome. We had really good seats and sat next to some interesting people.

The lady next to me kept answering all of Sinbad’s rhetorical questions, as if they were having a one on one conversation. It was like sitting next to your Auntie in church, “Amen Sinbad. You know you right. Go Ahead, now.” I thought it was hilarious.

Sinbad himself was hilarious, too. His mix of personal experiences and his take on relationships had the crowd rolling. My husband even found himself in tears.

Thanks to our friend that hooked us up with the tickets and to the grandparents for keeping the tot occupied.

Miss Shannan Paul

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I love this club. This is gonna be a great show.
Join us for The Rising Stars Comedy Showcase on Thursday, February 25th at 8pm….only $5 dollars and if you arrive before 7:30pm it’s only 4 bucks! For reservations and information contact http://www.minneHaHacomedyclub.com


Mister “Watcha Say” himself stopped by the station, but I think my camera is on it’s way out. 🙂

Oh well, I’ll pretend the blur is his aura.