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Yesterday during our Big Game Pre Party, we were talking to our friends and trading fitness stories. It is really nice to have another couple that understands how hard it is sometimes to make healthy lifestyle choices.
I mean, we all know how delicious pie is, right? Armed with that knowledge, how am I expected to pass it up? :0 It’s good to see that the baby steps that my husband and I have made over time have really paid off. I’ve been able to maintain my weight loss, and my hubby is now officially down a pants size. (And the crowd goes wild.)

My husband’s latest contribution to our Family’s Fitness was to post one of our “fat family pictures” up on our refrigerator. It shows all three of us at his brother’s wedding a while back and trust me, the only one who looks cute chubby, is the baby. Looking at the photo before you open the fridge does make you think twice about whether we really want to cram any tasty, but unnecessary snacks into your pie hole.

This week is going to be a long one. With more snow in the forecast, it’s hard to get motivated to hit the gym. So to stave of the chunkies, I’m already planning on doing my in home work outs including Kettleworx and Turbo Jam. Plus we’re going to be really healthy this week with our eating including this new recipe for

Chicken with Honey-Orange Sauce. (Recipe – ACE Healthy Recipes – American Council on Exercise)

Stay warm everyone and stay healthy.


  1. Congrats to your hubby and to you both as a family working on your healthy habits! Good luck dealing with the snow and avoiding lethargy this week. You can stay motivated, use the sistahood on twitter if you need a jolt of get-up-and-get-em.

  2. Good job to both of you! We had lucked out here, but the snow has moved in today…luckily I work out at home anyways! I had saw you had posted about doing Kettleworx too…How long have you been doing it? I am starting my third week(really 4th but took 2nd off for a sore shoulder). I really like it! I think after the 6 weeks I will be seeing a difference in my pants sizes!

  3. lol, I thought I was the only one as well as hubby that said "pie hole"..too funny. Kudos to DH for the pic, that will make you think twice like you mentioned. I may need to do that. You are doing great, keep it going!

  4. I'm so glad you and your husband are doing this together! It makes it so much easier. Mine is joining me as well, and it's nice to push each other a little bit. Thanks for the recipe, I'm totally checking that out!

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