Comedy, Fashion Week, Gossip, Miss Shannan, Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson caused a ruckus at New York Fashion Week earlier this week, when she showed up hours late to Richie Rich’s A*MUSE show which was all inspired by the Baywatch Babe.

The over capacity audience and reporters were furious after Pamela missed all the pre-show interviews, and delayed the shows start time by nearly an hour. But, she was able to win the crowd back with her bubbly performance and barely-there bejeweled stripper costume.

Pammy is rumored to compete on the upcoming season of “Dancing With the Stars.” Love the show, but I’ve fallen out of love with Pammy’s boobs.

Pammy’s boobs are like Charlie Chaplin’s mustache. Would we even recognize her if she didn’t shove her “ampleness” in our face? Maybe not? But here’s hoping she gives it a shot and puts them away long enough to actually do some dancing.

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