Hey Moms and Dads.

This week 96 3 NOW and your lovely Prize Goddess have a great hook up for you. The good folks at Universal Pictures sent us a stack of DVD’s that will help keep the little ones happy until Spring is really here. You can win copies of CURIOUS GEORGE 2 and LEGO: THE ADVENTURES OF CLUTCH POWERS both new to DVD and available in stores right now. Just sign up HERE.
For extra entries you can leave a comment below telling us how these DVD’s will help to keep your kids happy, or if you’re on Twitter, follow @963NOWradio and tweet the following:
@963NOWradio Always has the greatest giveaways and Today’s Hit Music. Check them out at http://www.963now.com
We’ll be picking winners from NOW through March 11, 2010.
Thanks for listening.
(Prizes for this giveaway were graciously provided by Nemer Fieger and Associates)
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