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My sister is pissed off at me. She thinks I’m mean and irrational. Maybe I am, because I snapped on her. Oh yes I did. A full on “Sista Girl” episode at 9:30 am on a Tuesday morning. Why? Because she was feeding my 2 year old, her precious nephew, Chili Cheese Corn Chips.

You might have Corn Chips for breakfast, but we don’t. And there she was giving him one after another like and old lady feeding popcorn to pigeons. When I made her stop, he freaked out. Of course, he wanted more. They are DELICIOUS. Explaining moderation to a 2 year old is impossible, so now he was mad, I was mad, my sister was mad. I snapped on her and now she thinks I suck.
She’s one of those “Skinny/Fat” people. You know the ones that can cram all sorts unhealthy fattening food into their faces and never seem to have any consequence. She can eat anything she wants, but I’ve never been that person. My husband isn’t that person, and so far we have no indication that our son will be that person. And why risk it? He doesn’t need to eat that stuff anyhow. I’m sure the junk food industry has plenty of other fans to profit from.

At our pediatrician’s recommendation we recently switched him to skim milk. We work hard to get his dietary recommendations in throughout the week and to make sure that he is learning to love healthy snacks not just junk. We’re enjoying that sweet spot right now, where junk food ignorance is bliss. Our kid doesn’t know that candy and cookies are delicious. He likes healthy food right now because he doesn’t know anything else is out there. So seeing my sister sabotaging our efforts was just too much.

The other night when Dom decided to wake mama up at 2 am. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I started reading the book sent to me from the Mamavation Sistahood, “Growing Up Healthy The Next Generation Way” by Dr. Mary Ellen Renna. Along with some outstanding diet and exercise information that I found really helpful, she says during the introduction, “There is now an overall decline in the health of the present generation of children in the U.S.” and that “People around the world are exposed to more and more nutritionally deficient foods, creating an increasingly unhealthy population.” Do you think Chili Cheese Corn Chips would make that “nutritionally deficient food” list? I sure do.

Maintaining a healthy diet is going to stay a key focus in our house. It’s working for us so far, so we have no reason to jump off the healthy eating train. This week is going to be really busy because I have comedy shows, plus a major event going on at work, so I’m just going to try to stay hydrated, eat as clean as I can and just focus on running this week. To stay on track with my Half Marathon training I need to log 17.5 miles this week, so that’s the workout goal I’m shooting for.
Dom has forgotten about the Corn Chips for now. My sister, well, her memory is a little longer, but since she’s 19, I think taking her shopping might help her get over our little spat. I’m not above a little sisterly bribery.

See ya in the produce isle.


  1. ARGH! I would have had a cow. I could have slapped my DH (then boyfriend) the first time he gave my son soda. I so know where you're coming from. Hopefully your sister will get over it here real soon, and maybe she'll mature a little more and respect your wishes as a parent. 🙂 Good for you for standing up though. Way to go on your running, and keep the training! You're amazing!

  2. People don't get it. Your sister might eat like that and stay skinny now, but its going to catch up to her soon. You just do your thing and don't change. She will need your help in the future. Remember that. And when she does, do it in love and she will love you for it. XXOO

  3. You had the right idea in stopping that, maybe the way it went down could have been better (but I have no idea… I was not there). The most important thing is that you are an awesome mama bear taking care of her family! I know I will freak out if anyone does that to my baby, even my husband.

  4. I know that I have been grateful that my 2yr old hadn't tasted pop until last week and then he didn't like it. I was a little mad at my dh for letting him try it! Great job at running! I've always wanted to try running.

  5. I used to be able to eat like that, too. . .but now I am 32 and not 19 and it definitely catches up to you. 🙂 Good for you for standing your ground. I really need to get Dr. Renna's book, too. Sounds like a good one.

  6. I am so proud of you for "helping" your sister! I had this talk with my oldest sister not too long ago about how her boys thinks McDonalds is homemade food! Its hard when they do not see it as a bad thing, but think you are helping her out whether she wants to believe it! Very good of you@!

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