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Having friends who are models can be bad for a girls self confidence. I think I’m pretty fierce.

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Wow, thanks to T-Pain and his auto-tune machine, anyone can make a song, including one of my least favorite “Real Housewives of New York,” Countess LuAnn de Lesseps. The Countess’ first single, ‘Money Can’t Buy You Class’ is AWFUL self indulgent crap.
If you’ve seen her on the show, you won’t be surprised that the song is ridiculous. The Countess is the second “Real Housewife” to drop a track since Kim from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” released “Tardy for the Party” last year. But, the Countess makes Kim sound like Celine Dion in comparison. Here’s praying that neither song gets stuck in my head.

You can listen to ‘Money Can’t Buy You Class’ here.



Only 5 weeks left. I’m still running in the Minneapolis Marathon, and I’ve only got 5 weeks left to train. I’m excited but apprehensive still, but I’m much more on the excited side at this point. I want be able to say I finished something like this. Even if it’s just a Half Marathon it’s still the biggest athletic thing I’ve done since playing Women’s Football.

Wonder what I’m doing to train? We’ll here’s the schedule I’m following thanks to Fitness Magazine. You can tell it’s mine by all the creases 🙂
Plus I’m still watching my diet and trying to get as much rest as I can. My toddler alarm clock isn’t helping with that goal, but he’s adorably bossy, so what’s a mom to do?

I’m down another 3 pounds. I realized that I haven’t been this weight since I was in 8th grade. WOW.

As part of the Mamavation Group focus this session we are “Greening” our campaign, so inline with that goal I’m going to focus on staying outside with my runs and spending less time in the gym on the equipment. My hope is to cancel our family membership and to save the money instead. Read all about the Mamavation Campaign and about our new GREEN initiative here.

I’ve found some good outdoor cross training ideas that I’ll share next week. Hopefully that little cliffhanger will keep you coming back for more. Or you can catch one of my comedy shows coming up and I’ll give you some pointers after the show.

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I’ve been super busy lately. Comedy shows, big projects at the radio station, a pushy 2 year-old that is going through a non-sleeping phase. Lions, and Tigers, and Bear’s oh my… It was definitely a struggle to get to the gym and stay motivated. With all the crap going on, my stress level is through the roof. It sucks: laying awake at night worrying about crap that I can’t do anything about at 3:00 am any way. What the heck???

Of course at busy times it’s easy to default to sitting on the sofa, eating tasty snacks and staring at the TV. But I’ve got a good reason for you to get up and get moving instead.

In the March/April issue of the American Council on Exercise’s magazine, Fitness Matters, they talk about a study conducted by the researchers at Princeton University. Of course the study was on rats and basically they studied two groups: one that they stressed out for three to six weeks and another group that still was stressed out, but also had the chancee to run everyday.

During the study those industrious little Princeton researchers found that the group of rats that ran for six weeks showed less stress-induced anxiety than the non-running rats. And they say that moderate exercise appears to have the same effect on humans. The researchers aren’t sure if we humans need more or less exercise than our rodent-like brethren, but they do say “don’t quit.” We may not feel the “magical reduction of stress” right away, but they are sure they will come.

So next week is guaranteed to be just as busy for me at work as ever, but I’ve already built in some time to workout, including chatting up my boss so I can come in a little later on a couple of days. That way I have time to get my run in before work. Only nine more weeks till race time, so I need to stay on my game.

And I’m going to keep researching some healthy but tasty recipes. I tried to the Minnesotan custom of making dessert “bars” this weekend with no recipe and the experiment failed miserably. ABSOLUTE DISASTER. So here is the “re-do” and recipe so you guys can do better than I did.

Raspberry Bars Recipe – ACE Healthy Recipes – American Council on Exercise

Also make sure you keep up on the Mamavation Sistahood. Our “Queen” is picking two new Mamavation Moms who are willing to share their weightloss journeys with us. The finalists have been picked and you can vote for you favorite here. The Mamavation Moms selected get some great gifts for our sponsors like EA Sports Active and Earth Footwear.

Hope you have a Anxiety Free week everyone. Keep it moving folks. If a rat can do it, you know you can do it too.