My competitive nature has kicked in, and I’ve already signed up for my 2nd Half Marathon. It’s the Team Ortho Monster Dash, happening on October 30, 2010.

I learned a lot preparing for the first race. I know to check the and take the terrain into account in my training. I know I should wear my knee brace. I know that I’m not going to die during the race. 🙂

This week, I’m running twice and cross training twice. I’m also going to give The Biggest Loser Yoga DVD a try. I’m hoping it wil help me tone, but also help me focus on the workout and practice letting go of outside distractors like work worries.

Now it’s time to head outside with my Toddler Tornado. I’m sure to burn a few calories chasing him at the playground. 


  1. I totally think chasing the Toddler Tornado is a great workout!! I have an infant, a toddler and a preschooler… I feel the burn! 🙂

  2. Way to go! I have bad knees but I love running. I'm hoping to sign up and train for a half in the next year. I'd also like to know your training schedule, especially the cross training.Steph(@stephhamm154)

  3. LOL! I love your competitive nature!!! I get carried away too, I am doing a skirt chaser run with my husband in 2 months and my goal is to CRUSH him. Muahahahahaha!!! Have fun with your training.

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