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Today I had to make a very difficult decision. It’s Black Monday. I was all geeked up to go online and but these awesome furry boots. They are adorable. I would look AMAZING in them. Buying them is stimulating the economy, right??? But, I’m also on a budget.

Instead of feeding my shoe fetish, I came to my senses and registered for the Team Ortho Get Lucky 7K that happens in March. I’ve only got so much money and I couldn’t do both. I hope the boots find a good home with some other fashionista.
At least, this way the money goes to a good cause. The race is organized by Team Ortho and they work to improve and enhance the lives of orthopaedic patients by supporting research, education, and advancements in orthopaedic technology. They also promote good muscular, skeletal, and joint health by encouraging an active lifestyle. The shoe store only promotes its awesome collections of furry leather-clad pieces of heaven.
And I’ll get this awesome sweatshirt for finishing the race in March, so my closet won’t go totally unfifilled.

Also, this week I changed my SparkPeople account to tighten up my calorie count a bit. I’ve let the holidays get to me and the added discipline will do me good. I’ve still got a pound to loose of the 2 pound gain that I picked up pre-Thanksgiving, so while I’m at it, I’ve decided to try and 5 pounds all together to give myself some added breathing room.

I feel much more at peace with my decision to pay for the race instead of the shoes. Those furry boots probably would have hurt my feet anyway.


  1. That is a great idea to put you money to good use and work your body at the same time. Good luck working out your calories to stay fit and trim for the 7K.

  2. awesome job on choosing to do a 5k over buying those cute boots. my reward when i get to 200 is highlights for my hair so for now my hair has turned to light brown which is tough cause i've been blond my whole life and i soo want to change the color back to blond. good luck with your traininglorrie

  3. Awesome boots! Super proud of you though for signing up for a 5K! I cant wait to hear your journey into training for it! Good luck this week!

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