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I like it when life accidentally helps with your diet options. For instance, last week I bought my toddler some new bowls. In my eyes they are awesome. Perfect size, Perfect shape. Just macho enough for my little man.

In his eyes they are awful. Who knows why, but he despises them. He clearly thinks the new bowls blow. I put his food in one. He dumped it on the table. But then he ate it, without having his eating experience tainted by the mom’s new offending bowls.

But I’m putting the Toddler Un-approved bowls to good use as part of my 2011 Portion Control Party. Our “Regular” bowls are much bigger than a regular portion should be. After measuring the new little bowls, it turns out that they are much closer to what I should be consuming anyway. Imagine that! Even my old dishware was out to get me.

So far, I haven’t made any headway on trying to drop those elusive 10 pounds, but I have managed to hold my weight steady over the holiday season, when snacks abound and workout times give way to holiday parties.

So it’s a win for everyone. My tot gets to stick with his old familiar albeit beat up bowls. And I get to feel dainty when I eat, instead of feeling like I have on a feedbag. Happy Holidays.

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  1. Sometimes things work out better than we ever imagined. I use our salad plates also, and smaller bowls. It helps me feel like I am not depriving myself. LolGood luck with those last 10 lbs. This is the year to tackle them!

  2. Great idea on the portion control. I use my kids' bowls for that a lot too. That is too funny that your son actually has an opinion about them.

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