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Remember all those stories and photos with Matthew McConaughey brushing his teeth all the time. Did you think he was weird? I didn’t. First of all, because he’s hot and I’d watch him do just about anything. Secondly I’m also a chronic tooth brusher and might be found brushing my teeth in the car or wherever else the compulsion might strike.

Toothbrushing comes easy for me, but we’ve been having a heck of a time passing on the habit to our Toddler Tornado. We’ve been working on good oral hygiene habits for a while now. But it’s like putting your finger into the mouth of a snapping turtle whenever we try. Left to his own devices, he would just use the toothbrush as a spoon to shovel the tasty bubblegum flavored toothpaste into his face.

We needed some incentive to get back on track, so we are taking the Metro Dental Care “Twice a Day Challenge.” Starting today, we’re committing to brushing his teeth twice a day, for at least 2 minutes. It’s going to take some work, but if it was too easy they wouldn’t call it a “challenge” now would they?


Dad helping the Toddler Tornado w/ his chompers 
We know, thanks to Metro Dental Care and other dental professionals, that prevention and education are keys to oral hygiene success. When you brush your teeth twice a day, you’re helping to prevent tooth decay, gum disease and extra procedures down the line. Active prevention saves time, money and stress. It can also improve the overall health of your child.
They’ve even got a little video with some past “Twice a Day Challenge” participants.
So we know you can do it, too.

Jump onboard the toothbrushing band wagon with us and be a part of the “Twice a Day Challenge.” If we can make is work with our Toddler Tornado, you and your kids can join the challenge along with us.
It’s easy, just leave a comment and pledge to join the challenge like we did. We’ll enter you in a drawing to receive 4 awesome tickets to see the Minnesota Twins play at Target Field. Join the challenge with us. Plus keep check back  to see if we loose a finger going into the Toddler danger zone. 🙂

*** I am not being paid to participate in this challenge. The Twins tickets giveaway is hosted by Metro Dental Care and the winners will be selected by and notified by them. A few lifestyle bloggers throughout the Twin Cities are participating in this challenge and all readers are welcome to participate in this challenge/enter to win the Twins tickets. ***


  1. Great post. We have twin two year olds and it's a challenge to get them to brush once a day. But I pledge to get them to two a day as well. So important to start good habits early!Good luck to you and hope you don't loose a finger 😉

  2. Anyone who would like to participate in the challenge and would like a free package sent to their home with a Firefly toothbrush and other fun items can e-mail me at Please be sure to include how many kids you have, their ages and genders.Thanks!April MeyerMetro Dentalcare marketing and communications

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