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This has been the weirdest week of Minnesota weather. First we had temperatures near 80 degrees. Then temps plunge, rain falls, and we crank our heaters back on as shiver damply and things dropped down close to 40.

I’m so over this crappy weather. If I were a meterolgy student, this would be awesome. But I’m just a mom who would like to take her toddler outside to play without wondering if that sassy heffer, Mother Nature was about to hurl a golfball size Ice Rock at me and my kiddo.

That’s what happened earlier this week as evidenced in the photo above. My husband retrieved one of the “Frozen Balls of Cussitude” after it nearly hit the Toddler Tornado and I while we were at the playground. Not funny Mother Nature. Not funny at all.

We’ve been huddled inside for so long that we rush to grab a breathe of fresh air every chance we get. Now can can’t even trust what looks like a break in the weather crap-i-tude to last more than 10 minutes. Guess we’ll have to keep taking our chances.

No one was hurt, but if Mother Nature was more than a personification of natural forces, I would snatch her personified weave right off her personifed head.

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