Comedy, Miss Shannan, mom, toddler


90 seconds doesn’t seem like very long.

You could microvave a Hot Pocket or a whole plate of chicken nuggets. Or you could turn your back on your Toddler Tornado long enough for him to wreck your pantry. Guess which one I did?

I’m pretty quick and still my 3 year old can manage to move so fast that I swear he has mutant powers. With the speed and stength that he has manifested already, I’d say its some mutant hybrid of “The Flash” and “The Hulk,” neither of which were my favorite comic books back in the day. But least he’s not Aquaman, which would be equally as messy, and we all know that Aquaman has pretty lame powers anyway.

My little man sure looks harmless though. He has the “secret identity” drill down. Stay tuned for more tales of the “Toddler Tornado.” I’m sure this series will have plenty of episodes.

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