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A few weeks ago some lame miscreant broke into our garage. They didn’t get much: Some copper piping, some plumbing fittings, and OUR BIN OF CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS.

We’re pretty sure they took the decorations on accident, but the thought of some thief tossing away our holiday memories, some of which date back to grade school, is crappy. We rather think that some bandit,s family is at least enjoying the “nutcracker ornament” that my husband made in 3rd grade. At least that is a Holiday story ABC Family might show during their Christmas programing.


We prefer not to sit and sulk for too long over things we can’t control. So, we started making some new ornaments and memories. My husband took his chop saw to some wood in the back yard to make the cute little reindeer. The cottonball sheep is courtesy of our Toddler Tornado.

Toddler Tornado Making Helps with Christmas Ornaments

And we’ve spent some family time making some new ornaments out of my old costume jewelry.

New memories are just old memories that need time to mature. So. we’ve got you Grinch. Christmas will come to Whoville after all.

Miss Shannan


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