As parents we all want the safest environments for our kids, but when dealing with children with Autism and special needs, consistency is even more important to keeping them safe. I would never want my child restrained in some of the ways we’ve heard about recently in the national news.

My mother-in-law shared this article with me, and I’ll share it with you.

1 in 88 Can’t Wait.

Which Congressman Is Blocking Bill That Would Protect Kids with Autism?.

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  1. Thanks so much for providing these autism resources. I hope the politicall aspect is smoothed out soon.

  2. .We must help educated congress on how to better protect vulnerable autsitic people when they are receiving home respite care. It seems video surveillance is really the only way you can catch caregivers who are secretly abusing someone you love because a lot of times the caregivers will be one way in front of parents, but then, as seen here, they could be abusing the person behind everyone’s back and if the autistic person can’t speak, they can’t alert anyone, so the video helps expose it:

  3. Thanks for sharing the article. It really helps me with my kids. Thank you so much!


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