Here’s something that I’m putting in print, so that I can get the frustration out of my head and release it to the universe to bounce around with the other random frustrating things in the cosmos. I hope it has fun out there in the chaos.

One of the biggest obstacles that my Cyclone Kid has is his communication skills. He does well with receptive communication, for instance explaining a process to him or telling him to do a task, or telling him a story. But, he’s not great at verbalizing things and we don’t have a lot of words in his vocabulary yet.

He still wants things, though, like any other 5 year old, but he can’t always effectively communicate what he wants. Which is the cause of our current YouTube battle.

He’s figured out how to work the “search” feature and wants my help in typing in the subjects for the videos he’s looking for. Which would
be great, but I’m not always sure what video he wants me to search for. It turns into a complicated game of “Guess Who.”;

He probably thinks that Mom doesn’t know how to spell “Cars” or “Train” – whatever his little agenda is. Silly mama, that I am.

Its something we’re practicing. I’ll get better at asking him the right questions. He’ll get better at saying “train” or “Lightening McQueen” (What a mouth full?)

Or, maybe I’ll delete the YouTube app, and we’ll find something else to do. Wait, that was the frustration creeping back in. 


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