Be Our Geek Podcast

Ep. 6: A Dash of Venom

We all love comedian and actor, Steve Zahn. So, listen in as Miss Shannan Paul and Jatin Setia recap Steve’s appearance at the Twin Cities Film Fest Gala, including clips from his on-stage gala interview with Jason Matheson. Then get a taste of the new “Venom” film with our guest GEEK, William Spottedbear. We also, learn about Will’s newly released adult coloring book, “Depressed Super Heroes” on this super episode of Be Our Geek with Shannan Paul, Jatin Setia.

Ep. 5: She Blinded Me With Food Science

The Oscars have a new category and we’re not all in on the idea. Plus, Miss Shannan and Jatin get a little closer to the food chain thanks to Food Scientist MJ Kinney. And, we’ll see what our Guest Geek thinks of the 2018 Minnesota State Fair New Foods list.

Ep. 4: No Sleep Makes You Weak

Miss Shannan and Jatin take a look at all the goodness we’ve gotten from actor and comedian, Steve Zahn, as we prepare for his appearance at the 2018 Twin Cities Film Fest Preview Gala. Plus, our guest GEEK, Sleep Technologist Sarah Moe, fills us on why our lack of sleep is slowly killing us and what to do about it. Stop yawning and listen.

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