Be Our Geek Podcast

Ep. 19: Umbrella Academy, Streaming Services and Nothing But Hemp

Jatin and Miss Shannan take you to “The Umbrella Academy.” And our guest Geek, Steve Brown from “Nothing But Hemp” takes us through the business of CDB. Since even Martha Stewart is into it, we figure it must be “a good thing.”


Ep. 18: Oscars Response, Howard the Duck Revival and Lea Thompson

Miss Shannan and Jatin give their Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down on this year’s Oscar winners. What’s Lea Thompson’s take on the new Hulu “Howard the Duck” series? Jatin has the scoop, right from Lea. Plus, we take suggestions on what shows we should be streaming right now.


Ep. 17: More Oddities in the DCEU and Our Cool Ideas to Fix the Oscars Broadcast 

How did we get here? Jatin and Miss Shannan ponder the state of the DC Extended Universe and how Batman and Superman have become side characters. Then they brainstorm some ideas to get the Oscars broadcast back on track. Listen in and let us know your suggestions.


Ep. 15: Geek Films, Oscars and Acting with Bill Cooper

Do we think Black Panther will grab an Oscar this year? Get our take on the Oscar Nominations before they officially come out. And get some valuable and fun insights from our guest GEEK, Actor and Acting Instructor, Bill Cooper.
Check out Bill Cooper at 


Ep. 14: Console Room 2019 recap with Christopher Jones and Taylor Cisco

Be Our Geek starts off Season Two with our first broadcast from “Console Room 2019” the Twin Cities fan run Doctor Who convention. We’re joined by “Console Room” vets and friends of the show Christopher Jones and Taylor Cisco. And, were hear our stories about Console Room 2019 Guests of Honor, Neve McIntosh and Katy Manning.


Ep. 13: Enter the Spider-Verse and Celebrate the Star War Holiday Special with Christopher Grap

Get your “Life Day” decorations out for this edition where Jatin and Miss Shannan are joined by guest Geek, Christopher Grap from the Mall of America. Miss Shannan gives her spoiler free review of “Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse.” And we’ll talk about the glorious disaster which is the “Star Wars Holiday Special’ and how Christopher has turned it into one of the most successful “Toys For Tots” drives in the country.



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