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Sometimes you have to give yourself a pat on the back. I’m not great at it. I usually pick myself apart and I always think I could do better at whatever random thing it is that I’m trying to achieve. But sometimes I think, “Wow, you’re really good at that.”

My little man is Autistic. Lately Dom has been waking up for two or three hours in the middle of the night for what I’ve affectionately started calling “Pre-Schooler House Party.” Oh, he has a great time. We drink almond milk, jam some kiddy songs, dance on some tables with lamp shades on out heads. It’s a blast!

I’m not sure if it’s the change in his therapy schedule, or the fact that he’s given up on naps or what, but it’s certainly not wearing off quickly.
At first I tried, in vain, to get him back on track. Kids are supposed to sleep through the night. I know that. I hear it all the time from my friends that have non-autistic kids. They lie there peacefully, drool rolling down their cherub-like little faces. My friends brag. Then I think, “Maybe I should get new friends.”
Sleep through the night – not my kid. Looking back, I think he’s sleep completely through the night maybe 100 times in the 3and 1/2 years he’s been here. I’m really bad at math, but I’m pretty sure that’s a crappy ratio.
The thing is; I’m really good at waking up in the middle of the night. I’ve always been a wonky sleepy. My friends used to call me the “Borg,” and joke that I never slept, I just plugged in to recharge at 45 minute cycles.
But I’m great at rubbing the crust out of my eyes at 1:30 am and listening to Dom babble at me. I can make waffles without burning them, and even smoothly spread the peanut butter without sleepily losing a finger.

I’m great at being a 2:00 am architect of “Pillow Forts.” At 2:45 am, I can still work the DVD player, so we can watch Thomas the Tank Engine for 1,011th time.

And at 3:30 am, when Dom finally is ready to go back to sleep I have just energy to plop him back in his bed and cover him up with his favorite blanket. It’s the fuzzy one, with the frayed edges.
It feels good to be good at something.
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If something new shows up in the house of course our kid is going to climb on it.
Which is way my Spin bike was shoved in the garage last year. Is really hard to get your cardio done when you’re waiting for your son to stop using your bike as an impromptu Jungle Gym.

Now that he’s older we decided to give it another go, but as evidenced in the photos old acrobatic habits die hard wth our kiddo.

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A few weeks ago some lame miscreant broke into our garage. They didn’t get much: Some copper piping, some plumbing fittings, and OUR BIN OF CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS.

We’re pretty sure they took the decorations on accident, but the thought of some thief tossing away our holiday memories, some of which date back to grade school, is crappy. We rather think that some bandit,s family is at least enjoying the “nutcracker ornament” that my husband made in 3rd grade. At least that is a Holiday story ABC Family might show during their Christmas programing.


We prefer not to sit and sulk for too long over things we can’t control. So, we started making some new ornaments and memories. My husband took his chop saw to some wood in the back yard to make the cute little reindeer. The cottonball sheep is courtesy of our Toddler Tornado.

Toddler Tornado Making Helps with Christmas Ornaments

And we’ve spent some family time making some new ornaments out of my old costume jewelry.

New memories are just old memories that need time to mature. So. we’ve got you Grinch. Christmas will come to Whoville after all.

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Earlier this year I had the wonderful opportunity to nominate my friend Toni to receive a makeover on “How Do I Look?’ on the the Style Network. 

As the slug line on their schedule page says, her style was getting in her way. After the makeover, she looked amazing. 

Yes, Toni and I are still friends and she didn’t hold too much of the stuff I said about her on-camera against me.

She came away feeling so confident after the experience. She has always been wonderful, but now she’s wonderful with some amazingly cute shoes as well. 🙂


Toni and Lamar Pre-Makeover

Toni and Lamar Post Make-Over