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Mamavation Monday – Not Running on Empty

What a crazy week. Crazy, but in a good way. I had some successes at work, some successes on the comedy stage and some successes in health.
What I’ve focused on over the last two weeks is my attitude. I’m changing my thought process to focus on Positives rather than Negatives. No more “Oh No, How and I going to run this race,” to “I can’t wait to run this race.”

I think that the attitude change has really helped me feel more at piece in a lot of areas in my life and taken a way some of the anxiety that was making me dread my workouts instead of enjoy them like I used to. Also, I’ve lost another 3 pounds with was my primary goal, but has been a welcome bi-product of me healthy diet and exercise program.

This week, I’m continuing my workout routine. I plan to log 12 miles of running this week, plus at least 2 days of strength training and 2 days of yoga. I’m using some Nutrition Tips I found in this months edition of Fitness Magazine to tweak my diet. Their recommendations include a daily diet that is about 60 percent carbs, 20 percent from lean proteins, and 20 percent from fat. Here’s the link to what the Fitness Magazine dietician and director of Nutrition Energy in New York City, Lauren Antonucci, RD, recommends. Smart Nutrition Tips for Runners
If everything goes well the rest of March, I should be in a good position to really kick the final eight weeks of training before I hit race day in June. One of my Mamavation Sistas told me I should definitely put in the training before I run this Half Marathon. I plan to take her advice. I’m sure my body will appreciate it.
fitness, healthly living, mamvation, mom, workout

Mamavation Monday Post –Frustrated by the Flu:To Workout or Not to Workout

Okay, I don’t think I actually have the flu this time. It’s just the random germy crud that has been working its way from husband to toddler and now on to me. I thought that as “Super Mom” I could elude this viral villain, but alas, he now has me in his congested clutches. So today’s challenge: should I try to suck it up and workout anyway or just give my body a rest?

I brought all by gym stuff with me anyway, hoping that I’d feel better, but as time is passing, I still feel like crap. I’ve gone back and forth all morning about this. First I tell myself, I’ll feel better once I workout and and that I’m just being lazy. Then I think maybe my body is trying to tell me something and I should slow down a bit. Maybe I’m being stubborn. Maybe I’m being silly. Either way, it’s incredibly frustrating.

For now, I’ve decided to let the crud win and to skip today’s workout.  It’s extra dissapointing for me since I wanted to start the New Year with a bang and a good workout schedule.
How do you decide when you should workout versus when you should skip the workout and rest? Curious to see if I’m just being a wuss or doing the right thing.