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imageSee the little dude in the photo, over there? That’s my Cyclone Kid. The reason I work so hard. The little man who makes me laugh, without saying a word. He is my handsome, fuzzy-headed companion. That’s my kid, and as I’ve mentioned before, he also has Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I adore him, but he can be a lot of work. One of the things that took a long time for me to come to terms with is that I can’t do everything. That was a harsh realization for me. I’ve always prided myself on not asking for people’s help, and not being a bother to anyone. And frankly, not risking the disappointment of putting yourself out there and not getting back the response that you desired.

It is not something that I admit easily, but it is something that I should have admitted sooner; before I developed the permanent, exhaustion-fueled bags under my eyes. Kids are a lot of work. Kids with Autism, increasingly so, and no, you don’t have the time or energy to be great at everything.

This leads me to my latest Cyclone Kid story.  If you can’t tell from the photo, Cyclone Kid is quite the bundle. At 5 years-old he’s already more than half my height and weight, and as strong as a baby bear. But, he doesn’t know that, which is okay. At this point, he’s still an adorable baby bear.


The other day while we were playing, he gave me one of his baby bear style hugs and knocked us both off balance. In typical Mama Bear fashion, I elected not to fall on him and instead reached out to brace myself against the nearest wall.  As it turns out, drywall is no match for Cyclone Kid and me. My hand went right through, creating this lovely hand-sized hole in our wall.  

That was awesome.  I took a deep breath and then laughed for 10 minutes. (I’m a comic. If we don’t laugh at weird stuff like this, we’d burst into tears.) Then reality set in, that chuckles do not repair drywall.

Here’s where the “helping hand” comes in. I considered trying to fix the hole myself, but instead, I mentioned the fiasco to my good buddy, Derick. Of course, he laughed at me too, but after only two compulsory, “Sure I can help you with your hole,” jokes, he patched things right up. Totally worth it! 


My “Knight in Plastered-Armor” took about 15 minutes to do what would have taken me all day, or even worse turned into an “I Love Lucy” style disaster. 

(Don’t get me wrong. If I ever get a sitcom, that’s totally what’s going to happen in the episode. We’ll call it “Plaster-geddon.)

Many families with children on the Autism Spectrum talk about how they wish that they had asked for help sooner. I am no exception. So thank you to all the good friends that have stepped up to help this occasional “lady in distress.” Cyclone Kid and I appreciate you all very much.

Miss Shannan Paul

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imageWhat’s your weekend like?  Trips to the park? Morning cartoons? We get that sometimes.  But, we also have therapy sessions.  My little Cyclone Kid works hard and sometimes to get enough therapy hours in. We’ll pick up a Saturday morning ABA session.

Instead of Bugs Bunny, he was working on his Vocal Imitation Trials, Letter Recognition and Time Compliance. Things that he has to practice daily so that he can catch up to his peers. Like I said, Cyclone Kid works hard.

Me, I kept busy downstairs in my office. Including working on this lovely little display of my sword collection.  I think I’ll start a Pinterest Board, called “Sharp Around the Edges.”image

Hope that your Saturday is beautiful.

Miss Shannan Paul
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Uncategorized : Think women aren’t funny, Jerry Lewis? Joke’s on you

After his most recent quote showing how little respect Jerry Lewis has for women comedians and our abilities, some friends and I were asked to give our opinions on his statements. See the full responses here.

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Here’s something that I’m putting in print, so that I can get the frustration out of my head and release it to the universe to bounce around with the other random frustrating things in the cosmos. I hope it has fun out there in the chaos.

One of the biggest obstacles that my Cyclone Kid has is his communication skills. He does well with receptive communication, for instance explaining a process to him or telling him to do a task, or telling him a story. But, he’s not great at verbalizing things and we don’t have a lot of words in his vocabulary yet.

He still wants things, though, like any other 5 year old, but he can’t always effectively communicate what he wants. Which is the cause of our current YouTube battle.

He’s figured out how to work the “search” feature and wants my help in typing in the subjects for the videos he’s looking for. Which would
be great, but I’m not always sure what video he wants me to search for. It turns into a complicated game of “Guess Who.”;

He probably thinks that Mom doesn’t know how to spell “Cars” or “Train” – whatever his little agenda is. Silly mama, that I am.

Its something we’re practicing. I’ll get better at asking him the right questions. He’ll get better at saying “train” or “Lightening McQueen” (What a mouth full?)

Or, maybe I’ll delete the YouTube app, and we’ll find something else to do. Wait, that was the frustration creeping back in. 



Watch “Dunwells perform live at the 96.3 K-TWIN studios” on YouTube

Awesome week for us at 96.3 K-TWIN because not only did the vending machine guy re-stock the Rice Krispie Treat rack, but we also got a visit from UK band “The Dunwells.”


The Dunwells are a British folk rock band including Joseph Dunwell (vocals, guitar), David Dunwell (vocals, guitars, piano, banjo), Jonny Lamb (vocals, drums), Rob Clayton (bass, vocals), and Dave Hanson (lead guitar, vocals, pedal steel). Three of the guys Joseph, David and Jonny stopped by our studios and performed live for about 30 minutes. The told us some adorable stories about starting the band and touring as a group. Here’s a little taste test of how fantastic the Dunwells sound live and if you’d like to see more footage, drop by our station website at

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You know what I need? For real, do you you know what I really need? A robot suit. I’ve put some thought into this, and I think a lot of the world’s woes could be solved by one awesome woman in her robot suit.

I would trade in my current car, all my future cars and figure out a way to go back in time and trade in every car that I’ve ever owned in the past, just for one of these robot suits featured in this video. Why is life so unfair?

If any mad scientists out there are looking for test pilots, feel free to hit me up on Twitter. Its @MissShannan. I’m willing to travel and have excellent reflexes. Plus I’m pretty tiny, so it could be a small robot suit to cut down on the initial production costs.

So far, I’m not seeing much of a downside to this particular plan, so feel free to give me a shout in a week or two when you’ve worked out the details.



All that remains of “Han Solo.” He survived Carbonite, but could not defeat the family dog.



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We hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving. After a long weekend, I go back to work tomorrow, so look forward to more check-ins from Mundania. I know you can hardly bear the anticipation.

Not your usual use of bakegoods
Me and my sisters
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Last night my friend Stef and I went to the fantastic Make-up Happy Hour thrown by my friends Jungle Red Salon and Spa. We had a great time over a few glasses of wine, some tasty snacks and a fantastic make-up demonstration by the Jungle Red staff. My girlfriends will tell you that I’m usually a tad “make-up deficient” so I love having an expert give me tips and pretty me up.

Jodi, the make up consultant and aestheticism who was kind enough to help me out was a wealth of information for a novice like myself.

We talked about make-up application and using the correct a brushes, so next time you see me I will be trying to compete with the fierce queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race.  On second thought, I’m still way too lazy to put in that much work, but at least I’ll have done my eyebrows and covered up the bags under eyes.

Pre Make-upPost Make-up

I leaned a few things surrounding the Make-up Happy Hour that I would like to share:

1)      I can use bronzer to help define the bone structure

2)      I can buy some awesome facial cleansers, serums and such at Jungle Red Salon and Spa

3)      If I buy some awesome facial cleansers, serums and such from Jungle Red make sure to put them away, or Cyclone Kid will dump them out on all over my floor and moisturize my stairs.

By the way, he’s adorable. And I love him, even though he obviously wants his mama to look wrinkly and tired.




I was this close to bringing this little guy home. I could definitely use a “Bumble” in my life. But I like this little dude too much to resign him to a fate of either being chewed up by our dog or aggressively hugged to pieces by our Cyclone Kid. I’m sure he’ll find a home with a nice suburban lady who can respectfully snuggle him amongst her ceramic Santa with the overly red cheeks and Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer lawn ornaments. Bumble on my friend.