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We hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving. After a long weekend, I go back to work tomorrow, so look forward to more check-ins from Mundania. I know you can hardly bear the anticipation.

Not your usual use of bakegoods
Me and my sisters
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Last night my friend Stef and I went to the fantastic Make-up Happy Hour thrown by my friends Jungle Red Salon and Spa. We had a great time over a few glasses of wine, some tasty snacks and a fantastic make-up demonstration by the Jungle Red staff. My girlfriends will tell you that I’m usually a tad “make-up deficient” so I love having an expert give me tips and pretty me up.

Jodi, the make up consultant and aestheticism who was kind enough to help me out was a wealth of information for a novice like myself.

We talked about make-up application and using the correct a brushes, so next time you see me I will be trying to compete with the fierce queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race.  On second thought, I’m still way too lazy to put in that much work, but at least I’ll have done my eyebrows and covered up the bags under eyes.

Pre Make-upPost Make-up

I leaned a few things surrounding the Make-up Happy Hour that I would like to share:

1)      I can use bronzer to help define the bone structure

2)      I can buy some awesome facial cleansers, serums and such at Jungle Red Salon and Spa

3)      If I buy some awesome facial cleansers, serums and such from Jungle Red make sure to put them away, or Cyclone Kid will dump them out on all over my floor and moisturize my stairs.

By the way, he’s adorable. And I love him, even though he obviously wants his mama to look wrinkly and tired.




I was this close to bringing this little guy home. I could definitely use a “Bumble” in my life. But I like this little dude too much to resign him to a fate of either being chewed up by our dog or aggressively hugged to pieces by our Cyclone Kid. I’m sure he’ll find a home with a nice suburban lady who can respectfully snuggle him amongst her ceramic Santa with the overly red cheeks and Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer lawn ornaments. Bumble on my friend.