YGS S4 Ep2 Speak Up I’m Wearing a Towel

This week, we take a colorful look at one of America’s favorite families, “The Simpsons.” With the help of your guest GEEK, Jonah the Destroyer, we’ll “Do the Bartman,” and discuss how the Bart, Homer and the crew help us laugh at life. With Miss Shannan Paul, Jatin Setia, Rob Callahan and Nikahotep Jones.

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YGS S4 Ep 1 I’m A LumberGEEK and I’m Okay

Who would be handy during an apocalypse? Meet our guest GEEK, John Haynes, pro fisherman and expert of the rod and reel. His Ice fishing stories are more than cool. He shares some tips on how not to get eaten by bears. Plus, if you need a Knot, he’s your guy.

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YGS S3 Ep 7 Have a Shire New Year

Ring in 2017 and get you life in order with our guest Geek Susie Shubert, creator of the “Badass Planner.” Plus, what can we learn from Lord of The Rings???? Get it in gear and ring in the New Year with Your Geek Show.

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YGS S3 Ep 6 Stuart Saves Xmas

It’s a show to celebrate when Your Geek Show is joined by our Wine and Spirits GEEK, Stuart Sutherland. Get ready for a happy holiday with some very “interesting” beverages and help us celebrate Jatin’s Birthday. Listen closely and you’ll hear our holiday train go off the rails in this extended episode.

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